A Worthy Legacy

Legacy—it’s what’s left behind after a person is gone from the scene—passed on to eternity.  

The question is: What kind of legacy will each one of us be leaving? One of having lived a life solely for “I, me, my and mine”grabbing all you can, chasing after money and personal pleasure your whole life? Or perhaps some kind of troublesome legacy like a life filled with resentment and bitterness, having been bound by the chains of a grudge you’ve held against those who’ve wronged you. Or maybe another type of toxic legacysuch as, a life of addiction or immorality, having lived a sin-soaked life which has consumed your very being?  

Hopefully, however, you’re a person who has purposed to leave behind a more worthy, inspirational example for others—one that’s rooted and grounded in the love of God. If so, your legacy will be a blessing to those who’ve known you during your earthly sojourn, as you’ve passed on enduring values and generosity of spirit which can then be transmitted from one generation to the next.

Without a doubt, anyone concerned about their legacy should do their best to leave a material blessing behind, an inheritance, commensurate to the prosperity with which God has graced them during their life. But material “things” shouldn’t be the main focus of a person’s legacy. For even if someone is able to bequeath great wealth to others, their largesse may be squandered in short order if the recipients lack wisdom, character, or godly values.

The baby-boomer generation, of which I’m a part, is fading fast from the scene. As our influence wanes, it behooves us to pass the torch to others. And for each succeeding generation to do likewise.

But are you even carrying a torch? Has your life up to this point even been an example worthy of emulating?

  • Have you stood for truth, God’s truth—or have you lived a life of expediency and compromise?
  • Are you even seeking after God and his ways? Or are you preoccupied with “doing your own thing?”
  • Have you even considered what type of legacy you are leaving behind when you are gone?

Jesus Christ said that God’s children must pick up their cross daily and follow his lead. The Master also told us that loving him means obeying him. 

Living a godly life is a worthy legacy—one that is self-sacrificing and in service to God and his kingdom here on earth, one that hasn’t bent it’s knee to the “god of this world”—the corrupter, the deceiver, who is Satan, the devil. At the very center of such a legacy needs to be “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” (Col 1:27), manifested by your dependence on True and Living God and his presence in your life. If such is the case, your relationship with him will be reflected by living a life of honesty, integrity, faithfulness, and operating in the God-kind of love. Your godly character and actions will then serve as a model, and even a legacy, for those around you.

Are you occupied with bringing “heaven to earth?” If you are a child of the Most High God then God’s light, truth, spirit and power should exude from you no matter what your circumstance. By its very presence within you, the love of God dwelling in your heart will overflow to others and transform the spiritual atmosphere wherever you are and wherever you go.

Now, THAT is a spiritual legacy worth emulating!


Until the next time, walk in the Spirit… and be a blessing!

Dr. Peter

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